"My name is Robi
and I had been suffering from hair loss until I came across Tevah Naturals. Fortunately,
as a result of using that incredible soap, my hair loss has stopped."
Tel: +972547655190

 "My name is Miri
My daughter suffered from breakouts all over her body. The treatment from the doctor didn’t help her, but thanks to Tevah Naturals, the wounds disappeared after 10 days. For many years, I suffered from inflammatory lesion and hemorrhoids. Thanks to the incredible Tevah Naturals, my problems are solved."

Tel: +972544524324

"My name is Jacob.

I was suffering from dermatitis for years, but after using Tevah Naturals, it has stopped."
Tel: +972528089242

My name is Mor.
Firstly, I would like to say that my skin is really sensitive and the only soap that it can handle is Tevah Naturals. A few years ago, I suffered from strange red spots on my legs. The ointments prescribed by doctors I used didn’t help me. Then I came across this amazing soap; I started using it on a regular basis and it gradually made the spots disappear completely. I can say that Tevah Naturals has changed my life!"
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"My name is Eti

and for many years I had been suffering from itchy feet until I came across this amazing soap."
Tel: +972549537366

"My name is Tzvika
I suffered from foot ulcers and itchy feet for years until I started using this incredible soap which helped solve my problems."
Tel: +972577495520

My name is Lea.

My husband and I are diabetics and as a result of that, we had been suffering from feet problems such as: calluses, eczema and wounds until we started using Teva natural which literally changed our lives since all our feet problems were solved. we see it as my salvation for my feet problems

Tel: +972508573535

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