A Gift from Nature…

I have always loved the state of Israel and its history. I’ve loved travelling around the country, listening to stories about Israeli herbs and their abilities to help different skin problems.

Several years ago, I was suffering from a skin ailment which I had tried to treat with everything my dermatologist had prescribed, to no avail. At that time, a friend recommended an all-natural soap that she thought could help my skin ailment. I decided to give it a try and indeed, after using it only once, I felt relief.

Knowing how good an all-natural soap can be, I decided to try to produce an all-natural soap on my own. I embarked on a mission to research the many healing herbs used in Israel for generations for cleansing and healing the skin. My research lasted several years as I searched for the right plants, literally going out into the fields and forests of Israel myself to harvest them by hand during their growing seasons. After testing various combinations of healing herbs, I finally found the right formula and, using the cold process method which protects all the beneficial properties of olive oil, I started producing soap: at first by hand in my own home and later in a soap production facility in the Golan Heights.

For two years I tested my all-natural soap on friends, family members and acquaintances in order to see if it would help with their skin problems: to my delight, it did in a way that no other medicine or ointment could! I decided to call my product Tevah, which in Hebrew means nature, because it is truly a gift from nature.

Since I began selling Tevah Naturals six years ago, I have continued to receive enthusiastic testimonials from people who have used it and had their skin aliments cured or experienced significant relief from symptoms: from eczema to hair loss, psoriasis to rashes. Many people tell me that they have to use this cleansing bar on a daily basis to control chronic skin conditions and refuse to use any other product. It's difficult to describe the satisfaction of knowing that the all-natural product which I developed brings people relief and healing. This is a great joy for me!



Simcha Efrat Afriat

Tevah Naturals Producer

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